The White Rose

ISBN-10: 978-1401352318
Publisher: Miramax
Publication Date: January 19, 2005

The White Rose grew out of my twenty-year obsession with the Richard Strauss opera “Der Rosenkavalier” and a post-9/11 desire to write about characters who were decent people, wishing no harm to others and living in a kinder, gentler and not yet traumatized New York City. The novel is entirely unautobiographical, but I consider it my most personal novel, nonetheless.


  • Vogue

    The White Rose in Vogue

    “Deliciously cutting social satire, with bittersweet observations on growing older. She shows us that modern love, like a satisfying read, is never predictable, but always worth the risk.”

  • Scott Turow

    The White Rose in Scott Turow

    “The White Rose is a delight. A novel of manners and love, it is droll, sexy, and very clever.”

  • Publishers Weekly

    The White Rose in Publishers Weekly

    “The belief that love always involves sacrifice and is wroth the sacrifice it demands drives this warm, worldly novel. Even when their own comfort is at stake, Korelitz’s characters succumb to generous impulses, making this a satisfying, emotionally rich read.”

  • New York Times Book Review

    The White Rose in New York Times Book Review

    “Incisive and urbane…it harks back to the gender confusions of Shakespeare’s comedies while adding some surprising contemporary twists.”

  • Library Journal

    The White Rose in Library Journal

    “Korelitz’s latest novel is a sophisticated tale of love triangles, subterfuge, and secrets….a reimagining of the Strauss opera Der Rosenkavalier, this work is a heady bloom, ripe with unlikely yet rewarding elements of romance.”

  • Kirkus

    The White Rose in Kirkus

    “A modern-day Rosenkavalier, as atmospherically situated among Manhattan’s affluent Jewish elite as the Strauss opera was among Vienna’s aristocrats….Elegant and melancholy yet surprisingly optimistic, warmed by full-bodied characterizations and expert delineation of complex emotions.”

  • Elinor Lipman

    The White Rose in Elinor Lipman

    “The White Rose is such a deeply satisfying read, the kind we have missed and longed for: a real story peopled by intriguing characters behaving badly in the most gratifying and acutely witty ways. Every sentence sparkles and every dilemma entertains.”

  • Edmund White

    The White Rose in Edmund White

    “This is a great love story – tender, sophisticated, perverse, drenched in feeling. Jean Hanff Korelitz has a sharp eye for the social workings of modern Manhattan and the backgrounds are utterly convincing. But she also knows how to talk about love in all its unexpected varieties with verve and sympathy. She joins sensuality to worldliness, frivolity to deep seriousness – and she manages to talk about all the gripping topics of our day, including race, wealth, aging and our historical legacy. This is a book that will appeal to every reader.”

  • Booklist

    The White Rose in Booklist

    “…an insightful, sensitive, and poignant romance.”