Interference Powder

ISBN-10: 978-0761451396
Publisher: Amazon Children's Publishing
Publication Date: January 2003

Eleven-year-old Nina would like more than anything to take singing lessons, but her mother wants to see an improvement in her grades first. When Nina fails another test, she retreats to the comfort of art class, and with the encouragement of a mysterious substitute teacher named Charlemagne, draws a picture of her life as she would like it—with a perfect test score. Imagine her surprise when in a matter of seconds—and with the help of a little “interference powder” provided by Charlemagne—that picture becomes reality, and that reality turns out to be less than perfect! In this delightful children’s literature debut from a well-known writer for adults, the lines of reality and fantasy are comfortably and hilariously blurred, while the importance of self-awareness comes into sharp focus.